judy_roberson_steele ([personal profile] judy_roberson_steele) wrote2009-10-12 03:45 am
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Dusting Off The Cobwebs

Been quite a while since I posted the filler bit. Life has a way of eating all my available brain-power/energy/whathaveyou and making me forget there are places out here in cyberspace where I could be plotting and scheming, erm, writing! ;) This is probably another filler post (for now), but I promise to come back and write something soon.

I am, more often than not, posting some stuff on Facebook these days. I do still occasionally post to Livejournal, but that has been spotty for a long time. I still have my original newsgroup & email address over at sff.net and have been using the ng to post life stuff and kid stuff this last month or so.

More later (hopefully not six months from now ;)

aka Ladykatt